Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Occupy. . .

If you haven't given the old occupy a try, you should.  I set up my tent, and camped out down the street at the "other" cabinet shop for a few months to throw my hat into the occupy ring.  It worked well.  They got so fed up with me hanging around like a turd that they started giving me stuff.  We ended up with a brand new edge-bander, some nice drills, a new computer with a fancy cad program and a printer, a few bottles of glue, some clients, a used trailer to haul cabinets, a lightly used hammer, lots of sand paper and then they finally let me take over their whole building.  It worked!  You should give it a shot.

So Deep Creek hit it big with all the newly occupied equipment and a new building.  I like the new office so much, I think I will hang out more often and get back to blogging more. 

I have always wanted to try flying, maybe I will occupy the airport next week.

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